Deliver against high expectations and grow tenant satisfaction with DRUID Conversational AI

Deliver 24/7 multilingual and multichannel tenant support, reduce wait times, improve onboarding and authentication times, and boost your operational efficiency while lowering costs. Reduce employees' workload and grow call centre efficiency with the help of a virtual AI assistant.

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Drive tenant satisfaction with conversational AI assistants

DRUID AI-powered virtual assistants offer immediate value increasing tenant satisfaction. 24/7 multichannel and multilingual support with access to rent payments, notifications, repairs and maintenance schedules, complaints, and feedback helps lower your call centre waiting times and boost tenant experience. Live chat capability will automatically route tenants to a human agent in case of complex issues.

DRUID conversational AI integration and automation capabilities allow employees and third-party providers to improve the quality of the information and services offered to tenants. DRUID integrates with your internal applications and business systems to send instant notifications to your providers, making sure they won't miss any appointments and deliver high-quality services. Your employees will no longer have to manually input information into systems because the virtual AI assistant will do it for them, reducing the number of steps and resources required for early resolution.


boost in agent capacity


reduction of tenant wait time


reduction of operational costs


boost in tenant satisfaction and NPS


increase in productivity


of employees using automation are able to spend more time on high-value problems

Conversational AI for Good


Lower operational costs and grow tenant satisfaction with Conversational AI

Deploying conversational AI for the housing association sector is a breeze with the DRUID solution library, which features over 500 skills available in ready-made templates that cover multiple processes.

24/7 multilingual and multichannel support for your tenants

DRUID's conversational AI assistant provides tenants with a comprehensive list of services within the chat, such as access to rent and invoice payments, repairs&maintenance schedules, personal data updates, application for a house, onboarding, fast authentication, anti-social behaviour reports etc.

Boost employee experience with tenant self-service

DRUID AI virtual assistants can help self-service appointments with 24/7 availability and manage meeting requests and tasks via text or voice conversations. They are ready to take over routine tasks and work side-by-side with your employees to improve average handle time and the quality of the information provided and to help you overcome labour shortages.

End-to-end automated integration to offer seamless tenant, employee and service provider experience

DRUID provides advanced AI-powered OCR to process, extract, and upload data to any enterprise system while easily automating all processes. It enables tenants to upload photos or documents of their problems, or apply for a home, allowing the provider to better understand and process the request.

Data governance, reporting and audit

Powerful analytics enhance your team's performance while allowing associations to spot trends and patterns and make informed decisions for their communities. Accurate, reliable and non-siloed data are fundamental for boards to monitor areas such as rent setting, financial management, tenant needs and expectations, health and safety regulations etc.


What our customers are saying


"We are excited to be using our new automation process, our colleagues are able to work along with automation instead of using the traditional ways to deal with customer-facing tasks. It unlocks their potential to work on higher-value tasks, supporting our customers whilst also improving performance. We have many ideas for future process automation and have planned in skills transfers for our colleagues to enable them to develop some of these inhouse."


"What a robot processed in a day would take around 34 hours for a staff member to do, which is almost 1 FTE for the week…With the robot in place, we are well prepared for the next peak, and it gives us an idea of which process to automate next."


"Adopting Enterprise RPA's solution built on the DRUID Conversational AI platform is allowing us to eliminate, automate and innovate our processes. This enables our support team(s), to spend less time processing and more time using their specialist skills to support our residents, adding value, and delivering a fantastic service."


Improve Tenant Experience with Conversational AI


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